Throughout this project, I’ve been learning about Artivism, and how art doesn’t need to be large to make a positive impact.
Learning how experienced artists have been making and displaying their various forms of art, then guiding us to be creative and help us find an incentive to make change creatively, has helped us teenagers develop our artistry.
I taped ‘resting is productive’ on a bench to show people, especially during lockdown, that it’s healthy to work on self-care by resting, and the fact is we need to rest to be productive, so I’m just simply changing the narrative. I decided to put that message on a bench as it can be a perspective on accessibility. I am understanding that it’s ok to challenge your local community, and that putting up artwork that stands out as being different or maybe it’s not very noticeable, even if it sparks one thought in one person, or makes someone smile, that is Artivism.
Olivia Campanile artwork 2
Olivia Campanile artwork 3
Olivia Campanile artwork 1
Olivia Campanile artwork 3
Olivia Campanile artwork 1
Olivia Campanile artwork 2


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